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Affiliates & Partnership Earnings

Audio and Video Record

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We welcome cooperation: musicians, composes, arrangers, sound engineers, directors, music video directors, animators and all who professional is paid services in records Minus one (Phonogram), Music, arrangements, filming video clips, movies (real, cartoon), creating computer animations for presentations, slides and audio / video advertising.

Customer (Buyer) chooses to competitive basis, some of the vendors will carry out the order (record a minus one, clip, advertising ...). Therefore, the demand is met proposal with lowest price and best criteria. For the Seller, we guarantee timely payment from the Customer. Because application will be sent to the seller to be executed only after the reservation to the buyer contracted amount.

    Scheme of interaction between the Seller and the Buyer:

  1. The buyer chooses the directory services Video Record or Audio Record of one or more Sellers.
  2. Buyer add order. Sellers will have to assess the initial task.
  3. The Buyer chooses Seller who will carry out the order and confirms it.
  4. Only after the Seller can get to work.
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