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About page: Collection music minus one songs, backing tracks, free downloads, music for mobile phone, lyrics!

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Welcome to site Music Minus One Songs Pro

About Project
    MinusOK.com - automated pro portal Minus one songs (minus one phonograms). Search is possible on first letters of singers, titles and on the keywords. In the absence necessary minus one song you can add order on Exchange Minus One!
    Minus One Song (minus one, minus 1) - Phonogram of existing song recording (as original or very phonogram original) without the soloist part (eg. vocal, guitar ...), sometimes with back vocal (backing tracks). Minus One Song, usually, is written in the studio and possesses high quality therefore it differs from Karaoke.
What is Minus one song?
Exchange Minus One
    Unique proposal: Search/Add of music minus one songs. Exchange Minus One - optimum selection. Detail information about the minus one songs. Detailed monitoring and control interface of its orders and add-answers.
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